“I have known Berrin for many years and she is a warm, empathic, profound and insightful coach. She listens deeply and asks powerful questions that make me think about situations in a totally new way, giving more choice and possibility. I highly recommend her as a coach if you want outstanding results.”
Steven D’Souza 
Bestselling Author and Consultant (www.deeper-learning.com)
“Berrin Bas believes in Positive Psychology and beautifully applies many of its tools. Berrin is a graduate of MAPP (Masters in Applied Positive Psychology) in UEL (University of East London) where she learned theory, research, and practice of positive psychology. As a coach, Berrin applies this knowledge with wisdom and sensitivity that would support growth and positive change. Whether you are an individual or a company, I would highly recommend Berrin and her work.”
Dr. Itai Ivtzan 
Programme Leader, MAPP UEL


“Berrin is deeply interested in bringing the best in people. Her knowledge in positive psychology and her genuine interest in people makes her a compassionate coach-which is probably the only necessary ingredient for a good coach.”
Özge Koca
Corporate Wellbeing Consultant
“Working with Berrin has been a life enhancing experience. During our work together, I embarked on an amazing journey of self-exploration that has enabled me to find clarity of purpose, tranquility and joy in my life—I feel I have gained a new focus in life, increased energy, and the ability to see endless possibilities. Through her excellent guidance and unbiased open questions, I was able to articulate what I really want to achieve in life and how I can achieve my goals and pursue my desires/interests while being true to myself. Berrin engaged me to be honest and expressive, and paved the way for me to unearth my authentic self and define my true values in life. The tools she brings into the table helped me acquire a significant level of insight into my actions and feelings. As a coach she is compassionate, professional, and highly competent. Our work together has allowed me to make meaningful changes in my attitude towards all aspects of my life and enriched my personal and professional growth. During the sessions, Berrin actively listens and offers resources to help you stay focused on your true values and goals, and keeps you accountable for your progress and also draws attention to your accomplishments along the way. Moreover, our sessions included the discovery of the answers within me, and gave me the tools to identify and challenge unproductive thought and behavior patterns while at the same time providing support and acceptance. During our work together, I realized that I am embarking on a new chapter of my life and I am so excited about it!”
    Dr. Nilgun Bayraktar
Lecturer, Bogazici University

“Coaching experience definitely helped me increase my awareness, look at the obstacles and goals in my life from a different perspective. Powerful questions during the sessions led me to contemplate and discover my real concerns and fears. Discovering and talking about my values were helpful. I am currently utilizing the various approaches applied during my coaching sessions when I face a difficulty or a decision. I believe the chemistry between a coach and a client is crucial among other things for the coaching to be successful and I have experienced the impact of this positive chemistry with my coach.”

Deniz Hüsrev
Co-Active Coach and Book Translator

Working with Berrin has been a great blessing to me. She starts with the most crucial relationship — the one I have with myself. With her insightful and compassionate support, Berrin does not only remind me of my core values, but also helps me use them as guidance to develop ways to deal with challenging situations. Once we built that profound groundwork, I was able to work on both my personal and professional lives from a place of integrity, authenticity and resourcefulness, and they started to come together and integrate with each other seamlessly as never before. Thank you, Berrin. Thank you for the gentle and supportive space that you created for my heart in every session we share. You are a treasure in my life.

  Ruo-lan Hsu
CEO, Zenzoo, Taipei, Taiwan

“I am generally a self-aware person and read/think a lot to make my life happier, considering all the dimensions like family, work, health etc. Honestly, I had my doubts about the idea of getting coaching from another person, however I was positively surprised starting from the first session. Coaching was very helpful for me to stop, think and talk loudly about what is going well and what can be improved in my life. The structured yet relaxed approach was really helpful for me to cover and assess all dimensions in my life. After defining development areas, coaching helped me to generate clearly defined actions going forward. In summary, life is a long journey and we are generally very busy with our work, family or something else. Coaching is a great opportunity to get out of this cycle, be honest to ourselves and just focus on improving our lives.”

Ali Yanık
New Business Development Lead 

“This has been an extraordinary exercise in self-awareness, acceptance, and creating intentional change. Over the past six months I have reflected so much on where I am currently, what I have experienced and learned through life, what is important to me, and how and what I can change. You have given me so many tools to find a new perspective, and allowed me to truly appreciate my own approach to life.

Berrin, you were always so attentive, so warm and encouraging, and really held a safe space for me to share my thoughts, feelings and experience. The playful activities helped to open up new possibilities. I liked the variety and also the ability to try different approaches such as reflection, homework, Skype and also having some sessions with audio only.”

Therese Joyce

“This was my first retreat. I came here with a blind and plain mind. Now I am leaving with an enlightened mind. I was not expecting that kind of positive effect. So, I’m really impressed. I want another retreat soon.”

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